Langstone Way Surgery
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Comments and Complaints

Your opinion counts. Please tell us your ideas and also if we get things wrong.

If you want to contact us about a problem, you can:

1.   Speak or write to the Practice Manager or the Reception Manager.

2.   Request a copy of the Practice complaints procedure at the surgery

3.   Find out how your complaint will be handled here.

4   Find a copy of the surgery complaint form here. 
5.   Alternatively, if you have a suggestion or a compliment, write to us to explain what you think 
      might work better, or to tell us if you are happy with the service you have received.


We always try our best to help patients as well as we can, but we welcome any suggestions for how we can do things better and, if you are unhappy about something, will do our best to try to sort things out for you.

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